文件信息分层组织良好(PSD),(3).打印尺寸(+0).25) CMYK,色彩模式,打印准备, & 完全可编辑,文字/字体/颜色可编辑.ps Psd, CMYK,...
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File Information:This File open is programs (cs3, cs4, cs5, cs5.5, cs6, cc, cc+), it's item minimum adobe Allustrator cs2 open and any update program version opening.组织良好的形状...
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圣诞晚会 by muhamadiqbalhidayat

Hello !Thank for PurchasingBest and unique flyer, poster, invitation design for your next event. 易于修改,更改颜色,文字.All templates are easy to customize with well-organize...
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年度业务日历矢量设计. 2023新年墙上日历模板矢量. Annual business calendar design with black and white color. 简单的日历设计和周末计划...
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一个漂亮的现代名片模板, 你用在你的公司, 任何品牌标识, 个人身份, 专业品牌, 或者任何你想要的商务和多功能. 你可以改变颜色...
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Promote your event to the public by giving them an insight into your event. 使用这个传单模板, you can share information about your event while maintaining a good and direct design. This...
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圣诞派对传单模板是一个非常现代的PSD传单,将是您的圣诞活动的完美邀请! All elements are in individual layers and the text is fully editable!
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一个创意的专业传单模板是完美的促进儿童时尚销售和提供一个优雅的印刷准备设计. You can use this template for any other service as well, Whichever...
这是一个创意和企业风格的传单模板,为您的个人或公司. Simply modify your text, images and address so they are ready for you. 完全分层和可编辑...
信笺易于编辑,便于理解. Just drop in your own images and texts, and it’s ready. Modern, simple and unique layouts with strong typography make your Letterhead look...
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企业形象 Templates to Download - AI, EPS, PSD, PDF formats

Corporate identity templates are increasing their popularity across the web.


企业形象模板可以指任何东西,从传单、小册子、名片到信息图表, all of which are effective ways to present the company.

在当今的数字时代, the use of these assets is dramatically on the rise, 几乎到了必须拥有的地步.

However, as 企业形象模板 need to have a professional look, 他们的创作依赖于专业软件, 这需要设计和使用方面的专业知识.

If this is not your case because you’re a beginner or have no experience at all, you can take into consideration the option of buying a ready-to-use template.


Throughout the Templateog体育首页 marketplace, you can find many 企业形象模板.

Each template has a professional look and is designed by experts using professional software, which guarantees perfect functionality and appearance.

尽管所有模板都可以使用,但它们中的大多数也是完全可编辑和可定制的. This means that you can use a compatible editing program to change their colors, shapes, 或者简单的整体设计,

As the marketplace presents thousands and thousands of graphics, 让你的研究更直接, 您可以按主题筛选结果, 文件格式, 兼容性, 价格区间, rating, and more. This way, you’ll get only the designs you’re truly interested in.


模板与许多主题相关. Thus, 无论你或你的公司从事什么行业, you’ll find a corresponding one able to satisfy any need or preference. The following are some of the most common topics you can encounter:

  • business;
  • sports;
  • 摄影;
  • medical;
  • food;
  • 房地产;
  • animals;
  • computers;
  • 娱乐.


模板有不同的格式. 因此,您可以根据自己的喜好选择一个或多个,并将它们用于您想要的任何目的. 例如, if you intend to use Adobe Illustrator to bring changes to a certain template, the AI 文件格式 is the right solution to your needs.


  • AI;
  • EPS;
  • PSD;
  • PDF;
  • DOCX;
  • JPG;
  • INDD.


如前所述,大多数企业标识模板都是完全可编辑和自定义的. You can change any element of the design according to your preferences or necessities.



You can use the corporate templates for different purposes. Based on your needs, here’s a list of the most common uses:

  • 名片;
  • brochures;
  • 演讲;
  • flyers;
  • invoices;
  • 信息图;
  • posters;
  • 信纸的信头;
  • 品牌的书籍;
  • 商业或项目建议书.



Below we listed some of the most relevant advantages you can get thanks to them.


One of the first advantages of buying a template is its ease of use. 拥有广泛的现成设计选项将为您提供灵活的选择, 不需要编程或配置任何东西. 这将使它更容易找到一个合适的模板,你可以立即使用任何你的数字或打印资产.


Apart from being easy to use, templates are also easy to edit and customize. 您可以在任何兼容的编辑程序中轻松打开它们,并开始更改您喜欢或需要的任何方面或元素. 当你有一个现成的结构化布局, 你只需要编辑个人信息,并做一些改动,让它的设计与你的品牌相匹配.


Often, templates are designed by experts with the use of certain sophisticated programs. This means you can take advantage of professional work, even if you’re a beginner or have no experience at all in design.


如果你不知道怎么自己做, it might be costly to engage a web designer to create a corporate identity template, 这需要大量的时间. Instead, 买一个模板会节省你的钱(有些模板甚至不到10美元)和时间, 因为你可以买, download, 并立即使用.


在预先设计的模板中包含支持服务的可能性是另一个好处. 服务台可以帮助您解决您可能遇到的任何问题,并帮助您解决在编辑或使用我们的模板期间可能出现的任何问题.


Sometimes, you may need to print your corporate identity materials. In such a case, to save time, it’s better to have them in a printable format. This way, you won’t need to resize and make them suitable. 你会发现互联网上大多数可用的模板都是在设计时考虑到打印的. 因此,您可以立即打印它们.

How to choose the right corporate identity template

在为您的公司选择模板时, 不管资产是什么, you need to consider some important details that will determine its success.

来帮助你, we listed below some of the best tips to choose the right template for your business.


When choosing among different templates, you should make your choice based on their designs. To rephrase it, pay attention to the colors, shapes, and overall styles they present. The design options you choose should match your brand and your other digital assets, 包括你的网站.


When you intend to edit the template and use a particular program, 你必须选择一个与那个程序兼容的. To make sure this happens, check the 文件格式 availability. 例如, if you intend to use Adobe Illustrator for editing, you need to make sure that the template is available in the AI 文件格式.


Almost everyone prefers to buy templates rather than create their own, 主要是因为时间因素,而且网站的布局是结构化的,只需要修改他们的个人信息. When you select a template that requires drastic changes, 这需要更长的时间, 除此之外,如果你没有经验,你还可以花更多的钱订阅软件或聘请专业人士.


Especially when it comes to digital products, you need them to be responsive. 换句话说, they should easily adapt to any type of screen format, and users should be able to view and read them clearly on any device. Thus, you must ensure that the template you choose has this feature.


建立强大的企业形象, you should identify which materials will assist you in meeting this aim.

We have listed some of the most relevant corporate identity materials below.


A brochure is a promotional document that introduces a company, product, or service and describes its benefits to potential customers. 宣传册是一个强大的营销工具,可以提高你的业绩和业务转换.

This product works well both digitally and as a printed product. As a result, you have a greater chance of letting people know about your business.


A flyer is a poster or single sheet posted to draw attention to business promotion, a product, an event, 或者一项服务.

Flyers are a great way to reach new clients since they're cheap, 容易制作, 而且只印在一面.

It is up to you how you would like to share them: online or in person, 通过电子邮件, 在窗口显示, etc.


名片 are small cards that represent your company. As well as providing important contact information such as name, title, email, website, address, 电话号码, they are often the first opportunity for consumers to see the company's overall image.

此外, the logo, font, color, and texture are used to symbolize the type of industry represented.

Though you won't tell your company's entire story through business cards, they are still an excellent way to present a professional image.


项目建议书是用于定义项目的文档,无论是内部的还是外部的. 在项目建议书中,你主要是试图让客户决定与你合作. 因此,它可以用来赢得新客户或说服高管将资源分配给项目.

文档包含title等部分, 开始和结束日期, 目的和目标, 需求, 并对所提出的解决方案进行了描述.


A letterhead is the heading at the top of the paper or stationary. Typically, it contains the company logo, company name, address, and contact information.

除了信件, 信笺抬头对发票特别有用, 会议公告, 法律文件, 以及商务相关的信息沟通.

精心设计的信笺就像公司的信笺, so letter papers look much more formal and professional. Hence, 不管它的大小, every business ought to have a letterhead for every important document.

企业形象 Packs Unlimited Download with og体育首页ONE

如果您的项目需要多个模板, 单独购买它们可能会很贵, 除了耗时.

订阅 og体育首页ONE plan might be a more convenient solution for your needs in such a case. 它将允许您无限下载 企业形象模板 and many other digital graphics designed by professionals.



A corporate identity is a manner in which a company presents itself to the public.

What are the essential elements of corporate identity?

The essential elements of corporate identity are logo, typography, 配色方案, 影像风格, 设计网格, and icons.

What is the difference between corporate identity and brand identity?

品牌标识是指对公司提供的特定产品或服务的感知. 企业形象指的是对整个公司的认知,而不仅仅是对产品或服务的认知.


A corporate identity is creating a company's visual identity and the design that goes into it.


企业标识材料是提供企业统一形象的所有视觉图形产品, 比如名片和宣传册.